Month: January 2020

More bats and a bit of local culture!

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A week after we arrived, Remi & I finally found time to go to an open bank to exchange money to Kwacha & be able to pay back to others what we had borrowed! After lunch, Esther gave us Chichewa language lessons – the first but a recap for the others. This is a language that sounds beautiful.

Monday night we brought bats and yellow bats (Scotophilus dinganii) mosquito nets from several buildings near the camp. Tom & I have to stand in the exit hole holding the net for what feels like before some bats have flown in! One bat managed to escape completely from each location but we caught a total of 8 which was the minimum that Lena needed for her project to look at wing morphology. After dinner we stuck with the batty theme by watching Batman Forever! read more